Gus Geeter

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"It's Too Late"

Gus Geeter


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Born Augustus Geeter, the son of Thomas & Jessie Geeter, Gus grew up in Montgomery, Alabama. He Attended Booker T Washington High School, and as a youth, he sang with his brothers in churches around his hometown.

Gus served in The U.S. Army for a number of years, and after his discharge from the military, he lived and performed in Los Angeles. Upon his return to Montgomery, he joined one of the most popular bands in Alabama, at the time, King Tutt & The Untouchables. This is where Gus picked up the nick name "Bullet Bad Gus".

A DJ by the name of Jack The Playboy started calling him "Bullet Bad Gus" after hearing him sing. Bullet Bad Gus continued to perform with King Tutt for several years before forming his own band, Bullet Bad Express.

--Daddy B. Nice

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It's Too Late

CD: Big Leg Woman
Label: Sound Mindz

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Big Leg Woman

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I'm Tired Of Being Alone MP3

CD: I'm Tired Of Being Alone MP3
Label: Sound Mindz

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I'm Tired Of Being Alone MP3

3 Stars 3 Stars 3 Stars 
Your Love Is Killing Me

CD: Bullet Bad Is Back (Out Of Print)
Label: Gus Geeter

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Bullet Bad Is Back (Out Of Print)

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