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"Same Old Bullshit"

Lady J

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September 7, 2020:

From DJ Sir Rockinghood...

e-mail 8 23 20:

I found the second album by Lady J released in 1999. 7 songs are from the Sneakin' Love album released 199x (unable to find or get a copy of). You made me a fan and I feel you should have a copy of the second Album.


Looking For "Same Old Bullshit" by Lady J

Good afternoon.

Can you please inform me if you have the artist Lady J with her song titled "Same Old Bullshit?" I have searched high and low for this song with no success. Please tell me you have it in stock.


Daddy B. Nice replies:

Now this is the kind of letter I'll respond to. It's specific. It's knowledgeable. And it denotes a real need, because Lady J's work is out of print and there is nowhere to buy it. And it's not even on YouTube.

So to make things right in the world, I'm going to do something I hardly ever, ever do, and send Latrece my copy of Lady J's "Same Old Bullshit."

Daddy B. Nice

Latrece replies:

Oh my God!! Thank you thank you thank you so much! I just can't thank you enough!! I'm happy and just in awe! You rock!!

--Daddy B. Nice

Honorary "B" Side

"I Fell In Love With Somebody"

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Same Old Bullshit

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I Fell In Love With Somebody

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