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January 1, 2021:


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Birthday Behavior (Remix)
Joe Nice, DJ Adam T

Mr. Sexy Man (Remix)
Joe Nice, Nellie Tiger Travis, Nelson Curry

Take Your Time
Joe Nice, Sean Dolby

It's Alright
Joe Nice, Grand Master Slice

Knock the Fire
Joe Nice, Mr. David

Share It
Joe Nice, Sean Dolby

Juicy Fruit (Nice Mix)
Joe Nice, Gentry-Jones

The After Party
Joe Nice, Gentry-Jones

The Cookout
Joe Nice, Gentry-Jones

Daddy B. Nice notes:

I had forgotten how intoxicating Joe Nice's and Sean Dolby's cover of Lynn White's "Take Your Time" was, and how much I played it when it first came out. For anyone who hasn't been into blues their entire life, and even for some who have, rap is an essential form of musical expression. When you hear it in a southern soul song in 2021, rap is simply part of the black musical heritage, especially in Joe Nice's warm and capable hands.

On "Take Your Time" they sound happily wasted, almost as if they're about to nod off, and the background track adds to the bacchanalian ambience. Dolby focuses on the seductive melody of the chorus while Joe raps the verses. It puts a smile on your face just listening to it. You wonder if Joe Nice is going to make it through his complicated word-play. Meanwhile, Nice has worked wonders with the original instrumental track, accentuating all the best parts (like the chimes) and adding more percussion, and just when you think he's going to fall off his verbal high-wire, he lets out his best verse yet---

"Tell me about your day
Like the five o'clock news
Baby, get out them shoes
Let me rub your feet
We can make love,
Eat, sleep or watch TV
Or we can just look
At the stars in the sky
While we hold hands
And make plans
For the rest of our lives."

And then Sean Dolby slays you with the bluesy, leaning-back-so-far-you're-liable-to-fall chorus.

Listen to Joe Nice and Sean Dolby performing "Take Your Time" on YouTube.

"Take Your Time" is only the most recent example of Joe Nice's rap-laced southern soul. Cookout Music also reprises Nice's collaboration with Nelson Curry on Nellie "Tiger" Travis' "Mr Sexy Man" and Nice's partnering with Mr. David on David's superb remake of the Bruce Springsteen classic, "Fire". The project with Nelson Curry was Nice's second with the Klass Band Brotherhood alumnus, following the successful "Party Starter" ("Let's get the whole place dancing Michael Jordan").

Mr. David is wonderfully lucid lead-singing "Knock The Fire". David had already goosed the instrumental track, bringing out the once-in-a-lifetime bass line and getting even more out of it than the original. Nice simply slathers on a layer of hiphop frosting.

"It's Alright" with Grandmaster Slice and "Share It" (the old Smokey Robinson tune) with Sean Dolby are additional highlights. Surprisingly, the solid new single with Mr. David, "Shake It Down," is not included. This is a light and surprisingly pleasing set if you're inclined to tolerate rap with your southern soul, and "Knock The Fire" and "Take Your Time" are worth the price of admission.

Listen to Joe Nice's new COOKOUT MUSIC on Spotify.

Listen to all the tracks from Joe Nice's COOKOUT MUSIC on YouTube. - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

December 22, 2019:


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Party Starter (feat. Mr. Blakfist) Joe Nice

For The Weekend (feat. Nelson Curry & Mr. David) Joe Nice

Rockin (feat. Gentry - Jones) Joe Nice

Juicy Fruit (Remix) (feat. Joe Nice) Gentry - Jones

Don't Disturb This Groove (feat. Nelson Curry) Joe Nice

Souther Soul Fresh (Remix) (feat. Joe Nice & Nelson Curry) Gentry - Jones

Get It Done Right (feat. Simeo) Joe Nice

The New Joe Swing (feat. Nelson Curry) Joe Nice

Party Starter (Remix) (feat. Nelson Curry & Dj Sean Dolby) Joe Nice

Grown Folks Party (Remix) (feat. Joe-Nice & Sean Dolby) Nelson Curry

11 Let's Dance (feat. Eloveation) Joe Nice

Throw Dat Back (feat. Simeo Overall) Nelson Curry

Drop That (feat. J. Red The Nephew, David Aaron) Joe Nice

Let's Get It Started (feat. Joe Nice, Nelson Curry & Big Yayo) Gentry - Jones

Daddy B. Nice notes:

This compilation is one of the most pleasant surprises from the year just past. Joe Nice, an unabashed hip-hopper in the tradition of Black Zack (remember Zack's "Sho' Wasn't Me" cover?), has assembled a surprising and delightfully melodic album. While Black Zack relied on the late Fred Bolton for his southern-soulful lead-singing stint on "Sho' Wasn't Me," Joe Nice features the accomplished vocalist Nelson Curry (from Klass Band Brotherhood) for many of the set's tracks, including the highlight of the mixtape, "Party Starter (Michael Jordan)". Simeo and the duo Gentry-Jones, among many others, also contribute. Recommended tracks include "For The Weekend," "Rockin'" and "Don't Disturb This Groove." But there is hardly a disappointment in the entire set.

Listen to all the tracks from Joe Nice's SOUTHERN SOUL MIXTAPE album on YouTube.

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--Daddy B. Nice

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