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Chris Ardoin

December 29, 2019:


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We Poppin'

Kiss Kiss





Please Take Me

Say Go

Hurt No More

Just Kickin' It

Pretty Brown Eyes

Ya Werkin' Me

Highway Zydeko

Issa Celebration

Daddy B. Nice notes:

In the aughts Keith Frank was the zydeco artist southern soul deejays played to add a little spice to their playlists. Southern Soul star Tucka matriculated under Frank. Frank's "Cassanova" was perhaps the first cajun tune to become a hit single on southern soul radio. "Teddy Bear," "Haterz" and "She's Gifted" followed over the years, and only last year Keith Frank & L.A. 26 charted in many southern soul areas with "Come On Home".

These days, however, the hot zydeco artist in southern soul demographics is a young man named Chris Ardoin (pronounced Ar-do-in, accent on the first syllable). Ardoin has described his evolution--no pun intended--as a branching out from straight zydeco into "swing". You may remember Tucka promotes himself as "The King of Swing". Whatever "swing" is, Ardoin maintains it has doubled his audiences.

The defining sound of zydeco is the button accordion, and in Ardoin's hands it find its apogee. "Stay" from the new EVOLUTION album possesses a rousing hook which Ardoin works for all it's worth, weaving in his searing, high-pitched, country tenor. The effect is almost surreal, the frenzy of the accordion blending with the wailing vocal.

Listen to Chris Ardoin singing "Stay" on YouTube.

"Stay" (April) and the equally high-energy "Let's Go" (May) nearly charted back to back in Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 Singles charts in 2019. "Just Kickin' It," another southern-soul-friendly cut, is an homage to the Staples' "Do It Again," whose same bass hook a young writer named Charles Jones looked to when composing "Slow Roll It" for the Love Doctor.

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Listen to all the tracks from Chris Ardoin's EVOLUTION album on YouTube.

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--Daddy B. Nice

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