WestDawn (Debut Alert!)

Daddy B. Nice's #249 ranked Southern Soul Artist

Portrait of WestDawn (Debut Alert!) by Daddy B. Nice

WestDawn (Debut Alert!)

July 1, 2021:


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On Call Plumber (feat. Jeter Jones)


Pull Back the Covers (feat. Volton Wright)

I Wanna Love You

Day Time Lover

ut It in Your Face

Sweet Potatoe Pie

Use What You Got

Ms. Parker

Strong Country Man (feat. RNB Pooh)

This What I'm Gone Do to You


Getty Up

Daddy B. Nice notes:

WestDawn's "I Just Wanna Love You" debuted on Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 Singles Chart in April of 2020 with the following commentary:

5. "I Wanna Love You"----WestDawn

Not to be confused with West Love (a Stan Butler discovery), West Dawn is yet another great find by the indefatigable Jeter Jones. WestDawn's song belongs to the Staples' "Do It Again" family tree, insuring its southern soul bonafides, but it's also different in that it hinges on the melody, not the iconic bass line (as in "Slow Roll It" etc.).

Listen to West Dawn singing "I Wanna Love You" on YouTube.


The El Dorado, Arkansas-raised singer followed it up with another impressive single, "Strong Country Man," in December of The Year of Covid, accompanied by fellow Jeter Jones discovery R&B Pooh.

WestDawn gathers these singles together with an assortment of new tunes for her southern soul debut, masterfully produced by J-Swagg (with Slack on one track) and written just as impressively by herself (Lori A. Carey). "On Call Plumber" is particularly notable, a double-entendre funk exercise performed (and produced) to perfection. WestDawn's vocal style oscillates between a rich, full tone and a sharp, glassy, biting snarl, giving the track unusual power and contrast.

The title track, "Pull Back The Covers," is softer, more along the lines of "I Wanna Love You". Volton Wright, another Jeter Jones discovery (also with another recent southern soul debut) accompanies.

But the power of WestDawn's vocals comes through best in the songs with attitude, like "On Call Plumber" and the similarly steamy "Sweet Potato Pie". The latter. with lyrics like, "I know you want some of my sweet potato pie/ Open up your mouth wide/ Let me put a piece inside," has some serious sexual punch. WestDawn is kinky, she's got an edge. Millie Jackson comes to mind.

On the other hand, the anywhere-in-America-sounding funk of "Getty Up" marks a low point and betrays WestDawn's non-southern-soul roots (and possibly preferences) in hardcore, urban r&b/funk. Southern soul fans may even dismiss "On Call Plumber" as too harsh, but I think the jury's still out on that. Nellie Travis's "Mr. Sexy Man" was considered harsh (meaning hard-edged, funky) when it was first released.

One thing's for sure. "I Wanna Love You" and "Strong Country Man" are what will draw the southern soul audience.

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--Daddy B. Nice

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