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Klay Redd

Breaking News 1/29/22: BEST CLUB SONG OF 2021 "Chicken Wang" by Klay Redd. CLICK HERE.

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July 1, 2021:

Re-posted from Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 Singles.

Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 "BREAKING" Southern Soul Singles For. . .

-------JULY 2021-------

1."Chicken Wang" ------ Klay Redd

Just what we need for the summer of 2021: a funny-as-hell, chicken-clucking, slam-dunk, club jam. Nothing fancy. Just an elemental groove and country-inflected vocal crying out for future remixes. This song invites everyone to flap their wings, and let me tell you... If you see a beautiful woman in the middle of the dance floor flapping her elbows up and down, real careless-like, it'll break your heart. First new artist since Fat Daddy to score a #1 single first time out. Can't wait to see the dance video!

Listen to Klay Redd singing "Chicken Wang" on YouTube.

--Daddy B. Nice

About Klay Redd

Brian Keith Fleming, known professionally as Klay Redd, was born on December 20th and grew up on the Westside of Atlanta, Georgia. He splits his time between hosting shows and now performing as a recording artist. Redd is the architect behind the novelty line dance song seasoned with a dash of country, blues and southern soul titled “Chicken Wang,” released on Power Records.

Redd has been featured in The Source Magazine, World Star Hip Hop, Putting on the Hits with Cameo, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution and he appeared as an extra in the 2012 comedy-drama television film Steel Magnolias that premiered on Lifetime Network. He has shared the stage with George Clinton at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia, and Cameo in Las Vegas during a Tom Joyner event. In July of 2021 he charted #1 on Daddy B. Nice's Southern Soul RnB Corner with “Chicken Wang,” which is the first time a debut artist nabbed a chart-topper since Bishop Bullwinkle in 2015 and Fat Daddy in 2018.


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