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December 1, 2021:

Just in! T-Lyons "Come Go With Me" featuring Tanji Yemmeni is the #1-ranked single in Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 Singles for December 2021!

December 1, 2021:


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Young Thang


Ride Or Die Baby (feat. Carez)



Slow Motion (feat. Jeter Jones)


My Kind Of Girl


Zydeco With Me


Sweet Love (feat. Deshay)


Step, Step


Trailride Party (feat. Volton Wright)


Come Go With Me (feat. Tanji Emmeni)


Country Boy Swagg (feat. RnB Pooh)

Daddy B. Nice notes:

Slack (Ronald Jefferson of SlackTraxx) is promoting this young artist as zealously as he did early Jeter Jones. If I'd had my druthers, it would have been an LP debut by JD, the young guy whose charismatic tone knocked me out on "Love You Down" and "Super Woman" with Jeter Jones and Volton Wright. At first listen, T-Lyons does sound a little...well, all the things southern soul fans don't care for...a little superficial, a little "too pop," certainly not grown-folkish---and without the off-the-charts, J-Wonn-like talent to make those things superfluous. And watching T-Lyons jumping the guardrail on a New Orleans sidewalk and chasing female passersby with the jaw-dropping physical grace of a big cat (okay, a lion) in the official video for "Young Thang" tempts one to think that his in-person charisma (he'd be great onstage) itself might have influenced Slack's judgment. But I'm warming to a couple of the tracks already and finding that the set as a whole has more content and depth than I at first imagined.

According to Apple, Lyons is a New Orleans-based hip-hop sensation, performer, dancer, and all-around entertainer who broke out in 2014, at the age of 12, with the internet hit "Goin' Dumb". Lyons's message was living "positive, non-violent lives through music and good will" after enduring myriad hardships alongside his father Travis Lyons, President of the Central City Youth Against Violence.

"Hear Me Roar" offers the spectacle of a young rapper dipping his toes in the still waters of southern soul and---in at least one instance where it really works---pushing some boundaries for the genre. When "My Kind Of Girl" starts you're thinking, "Awwww...Hell To Da Naw Nawww," but if you're still listening a dozen bars later, you're drawn into this interesting musical current you've never (or seldom) heard in southern soul. It reminded me of what a different sound---compared to their former work---The Temptations' "War" exhibited when it first came out.

"Zydeco With Me" is a no-brainer---as beguiling as it was when Jeter Jones and mouth harpist Lil' Jabb recorded it in 2016 or thereabouts. As you listen to it again and again, you realize you're hearing a new take---understated, vulnerable, refreshingly raw. Even "Young Thang," and "Slow Motion" (with Jeter Jones), the only singles released prior to the album's publication, grow in musical interest and stature surrounded by like-minded music from this incredibly young-sounding, innocent and cliché-free singer. In "Come Go With Me" (feat. Tanji Emmeni) the delicacy and implied tenderness is palpable, both in the vocals and the wonderful instrumental track with its muted button accordion. The song goes by in what seems a minute.

The larger question for SlackTraxx and T-Lyons may be this: Can a mere teenager (or at best early 20-something) gain grown folks' interest? And can T-Lyons maintain the patience it might take to achieve it? J-Wonn is the guiding example. The young southern soul master has certainly locked up the hearts of women of all ages, and maybe T-Lyons will do the same.

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--Daddy B. Nice

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