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Portrait of Mystery Lady  by Daddy B. Nice

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"I Hear You Knocking"

Mystery Lady

Composed by R.D.S. The Mystery Lady

Listen to The Mystery Lady singing "He Caught Me With The Wrong Drawers On" on YouTube.

September 4, 2016: The Mystery Lady Unveiled (Romona D. Samuel)

Searching For The Artist Who Sings "He Caught Me With The Wrong Drawers On": The Mystery Lady Saga

Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 "BREAKING" Southern Soul Singles Preview For. . .

-------DECEMBER 2015---------

1. "He Caught Me With The Wrong Drawers On"----(Another Mystery Lady)

Here's something I've never done before--touting an unknown artist with a #1-ranking single--but I can't close out the year without giving "Wrong Drawers" the recognition it deserves as the greatest underground record of the year after Bishop Bullwinkle's "Hell Naw To The Naw Naw."

DJ Big Money (662-834-1025) plays the song every shift at 102.5 WAGR (Lexington, Tchula, Yazoo City, Mississippi), but he won't give out the name. There's a long southern soul tradition of female singers adopting aliases so as not to be disowned by their families, and I suspect that's the case here, only this singer may not yet even have an alias. Outrageously licentious, unrelentingly deadpan and funny, "He Caught Me With The Wrong Drawers On" cries out to be distributed as an artist's record and posted on YouTube. - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

Re-Posted from Daddy B. Nice's Mailbag

RE: MYSTERY LADY'S "He Caught Me With The Wrong Drawers On"

Hi Daddy B Nice,

It’s always a pleasure to check in on you & your website. I was wondering is this the same "He Caught Me With The Wrong Drawers On" song you’ve been referring to that DJ Big Money out of Lexington, MS plays on WAGR in the link? If so that’s actually her stage name! “The Mystery Lady” If not back to the drawing board! lol Anyways, THANKS for all you do!

Parrish "DJ PC Baby" Cratic
Aberdeen, MS

Listen to The Mystery Lady singing "Wrong Draws (He Caught Me With The Wrong Drawers On)" on YouTube.

Daddy B. Nice replies:

DJ PC Baby,

You just made my Saturday morning! Thank you for clearing up one of those long-standing "looking-for-a-song questions.

I called her "Another Mystery Lady," so when I read your letter, my first impression was, "My God, you mean she actually took the arbitrary name I'd given her?" Then I went to the video and was stunned by the even greater coincidence. The singer is actually the original Mystery Lady who recorded "I Hear You Knocking (But You Can't Come In)." (see more by scrolling down to "Tidbits") I just stumbled and bumbled upon her actual artist's name--as you point out--by accident!

Daddy B. Nice

P.S. On the YouTube version I hear what sounds like a cat meowing. I keep reaching down beside my chair to stroke one of my cats before they jump up on my computer keyboards. Does anyone else hear this?

Listen to The Mystery Lady singing "Wrong Draws (He Caught Me With The Wrong Drawers On)" on YouTube.

"DJ PC Baby" replies:

LOL, GREAT CATCH! That’s EXACTLY what it is & it’s also on the iTunes version. I just took a listen so it’s not your cats acting up! :D Glad I was able to be of some assistance & once again thanks for giving us southern soul lovers a platform & guide to keep up with those funky down home masterpieces!

One love

Parrish "DJ PC Baby" Cratic

Check out the original Mystery Lady/CD Baby album from which "Wrong Drawers" was re-discovered by DJ Big Money.

See Daddy B. Nice's most recent story about DJ Big Money and "He Caught Me With The Wrong Drawers On" in the July 24th "News & Notes" column of Daddy B. Nice's Corner. - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 "BREAKING" Southern Soul Singles Preview For. . .

-------AUGUST 2016---------

4. "Wrong Draws (He Caught Me With The Wrong Drawers On)"-----The Mystery Lady

A salacious "underground" record re-discovered by WAGR DJ Big Money and written about by your Daddy B. Nice for the last six months...The mystery is finally resolved. See story in Daddy B. Nice's Mailbag.

Listen to The Mystery Lady singing "Wrong Draws (He Caught Me With The Wrong Drawers On)" on Youtube.

Buy The Mystery Lady's "Wrong Drawers" mp3 at CD Baby. - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

And in a related story: The Deejay Who Broke "Wrong Drawers"....

July 24, 2016: News & Notes …
..5. Another valuable southern soul website...

...Lexington, Mississippi's WAGR, with gospel during the week-days and southern soul music on week-nights and Saturdays, is back online after some "website-building." This is the most exciting new southern soul streaming station to emerge in the last couple of years, headlined by DJ Big Money, "the deejay who don't play by no rules." Your Daddy B. Nice still can't tell you the identity of "Another Mystery Lady," the female singer behind Big Money's oft-played "He Caught Me With The Wrong Drawers On" (a Daddy B. Nice #1 single in 2015), but I can tell you that recently "not playing by no rules" has translated to DJ Big Money playing that country song, "Achey-Breaky Heart," followed up by not one but two Elvis Presley tunes. To hear Big Money's unmistakably black shout-outs to station callers over the first truly white soul brother Presley singing "All Shook Up" on a recent Saturday was something to hear. Not only does Elvis sound as black as an Angus steer's tush on a cloud-covered night. Big Money sounds like he's lolling about on those fluffy white clouds of southern soul heaven with colorful deejays Nikki DeMarks, Chico, Jazzii A., Ragman and Handyman. - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide


To automatically link to Mystery Lady's charted radio singles, awards, CD's and many other references on the website, go to "Mystery Lady" in Daddy B. Nice's Comprehensive Index.


--Daddy B. Nice

About Mystery Lady

9/4/16...Daddy B. Nice notes:

I have found the real name of The Mystery Lady on the CD Baby page for Mystery Lady's only distributed release since 2000, a 2011 single, "It Ain't You," which coincidentally recycles the rhythm track from "Wrong Draws (He Caught Me With The Wrong Drawers On)".

Here are the published credits for the single "It Ain't You":

It Ain't You
by The Mystery Lady
© Copyright - Romona D Samuel / Monaro Records (885767972957)

Bolstering the case for the accuracy of the name Romona D. Samuel is the fact that Mystery Lady's first album, 1996's Midnight Run, with the signature single "I Hear You Knockin'," was originally marketed under the artist title "RDS The Mystery Lady." In addition, the YouTube version of Mystery Lady's "I Hear You Knockin'" was posted by an Edward Samuel.



February 18, 2013: The Mystery Lady

Your Daddy B. Nice believes Mystery Lady is the victim of misinformation being perpetuated on the Internet and wants to right the wrongs once and for all. The most egregious online misinformation is a YouTube offering for "I Hear You Knocking," (not to be confused with the Dave Edmunds song) a turn-of-the-century classic of Southern Soul music performed by Peggy Scott-Adams according to the post and picture by BluesWoman01.

I have been known to completely forget things, but to the best of my knowledge (and write in and correct me at if you have the evidence to refute this) Peggy Scott-Adams has never recorded "I Hear You Knocking." The music on this YouTube page is actually the original "I Hear You Knocking" by The Mystery Lady.

(And, ironically, a GooglePlay link to download the song links to Mystery Lady's MIDNIGHT RUN.)

The bogus Peggy Scott-Adams reference has proliferated to all sorts of other sites. I even found an obscure reference on my own site in the Daddy B. Nice Queen Isabella Artist Guide, which I have since omitted.

There have been three female versions of "I Hear You Knocking" in contemporary Southern Soul: the first by Mystery Lady (also the composer), the second by Queen Isabella, and the third by Rasheeda.

Your Daddy B. Nice always stressed the Queen Isabella version, but that was only because I had no information at the time about Mystery Lady. Hopefully, this correction will begin to make some amends and give Mystery Lady some of the publicity she has long been denied. And hopefully, the misinformation on the Internet will gradually be corrected.

--Daddy B. Nice

Sample or Buy Mystery Lady's Midnight Run CD (featuring "I Hear You Knocking").

Sample or Buy Mystery Lady's 2011 "It Aint You" (Single).

Sample or Buy Mystery Lady's Burning For Ya Love CD.

Read Daddy B. Nice on the Southern Soul classic, "I Hear You Knocking" (in the Queen Isabella Artist Guide).

Listen to Mystery Lady singing "I Hear You Knocking" on YouTube (although the song is mistakenly attributed to Peggy Scott-Adams).


See The Mystery Lady on Facebook. - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide


August 10, 2014: Mystery Lady's "I Hear You Knocking" The Antecedent to Anita Love's "Keep Knockin'"

"I Hear You Knocking" is mentioned--in fact, specified as an antecedent--in Daddy B. Nice's laudatory review of Anita Love's debut single, "Keep Knockin'."

Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 "BREAKING" Southern Soul Singles Review For. . .

----------JUNE 2014------------

1. “Keep Knockin’”----Anita Love

Music’s still rockin' your Daddy B. Nice’s world, and truthfully, there's no qualitative difference between Anita Love’s stupendous 2014 hit-single-to-be and The Shirelles’ “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” (written by Goffin/King) fifty-plus years ago.

Flash forward to 21st Century Southern Soul: “Keep Knockin’” continues the rich tradition of Queen Isabella’s and Rasheeda's and Mystery Lady’s “I Hear You Knocking (But You Can’t Come In)”--but with an even more seductive melody.

Hailing from Memphis (a former back-up singer for Sweet Angel), Anita Love Humphrey is being promoted and booked by Terry (100%) Cotton (225-239-1012).

Listen to Anita Love singing “Keep Knockin’” on YouTube.

5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 
Sample or Buy I Hear You Knocking by  Mystery Lady
I Hear You Knocking

CD: Midnight Run
Label: Monaro

5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 
Sample or Buy Wrong Draws (He Caught Me With The Wrong Drawers.. by  Mystery Lady
Wrong Draws (He Caught Me With The Wrong Drawers..

CD: Burning For Ya Love
Label: Monaro

Sample or Buy
Burning For Ya Love

4 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars 
Sample or Buy It Ain't You by  Mystery Lady
It Ain't You

CD: It Ain't You (Single)
Label: The Mystery Lady

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It Ain't You (Single)

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