Tasha Mac (New CD Review!)

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Tasha Mac (New CD Review!)

April 1, 2021:

Tasha Mac: You're Not My Competition (Jones Boys Entertainment) Three Stars *** Solid debut by a new Southern Soul artist.

Tasha Mac is Jeter Jones' little sister. Let's get that out of the way first, because she has benefitted greatly from her big brother's artistic guidance. Tasha burst onto the scene early last year with a single entitled "Get It My Way". Backed up by Ronald "Slack" Jefferson on the instrumental track and aided by Jeter on vocals, "I'm Going To Get It My Way" has accumulated a staggering (almost a million at this writing) number of views on its YouTube video, which captures Tasha and Jeter dancing through the tourist-filled, Canal Street district of New Orleans.

"Get It My Way" and its follow-up single, "I Just Want To Ride," highlight Tasha Mac's new southern soul debut CD, You're Not My Competition. Other high points of the album include "Lick This Candy" with the recurring phrase, "Come and lick this candy bar," and "Eat That Cake". Both songs hinge on smile-inducing, culinary double-entendres.

"I hope you're ready
For this cake.
I made it special for you.
I'm gonna let you taste.
My momma told me
It'll make you shake.
I know you like it.
Got icing on your face."

The album as a whole reflects a sure-handed and confident young songstress who nevertheless has a lot to learn about vocal technique. Tasha's natural register tends toward the bass clef, and as she negotiates the treble clef it's sometimes painfully obvious her range is restricted to litle more than a single octave, giving the tunes and the set as a whole an unwelcome sameness.

At the same time, Tasha lacks the ferocious power (and resulting contrasts) of other contemporary "big" women singers like Lady Q and Annie Washington. What Tasha Mac does have, however, is a startling similarity to southern soul's gone-but-not-forgotten and undisputed queen of "big women" vocalists, Big Cynthia, with whom she shares some of the same tics and mannerisms, including Cynthia's ability to shrug off just about any challenge and slap it down in peremptory fashion. That's an art form in itself.

Buy Tasha Mac's new I'M NOT YOUR COMPETITION CD at Apple.

Listen to all the tracks from Tasha Mac's new YOU'RE NOT MY COMPETITION CD on YouTube.

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---Daddy B. Nice

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April 1, 2021:


Buy Tasha Mac's new southern soul debut album YOU'RE NOT MY COMPETITION at Apple.


Intro (Jeter Jones & Slack Presents) [feat. Jeter Jones]

Giddy up & Let's Ride (feat. Jeter Jones)

Stay Buttermilk

Lick This Candy

Late Night Creep (feat. Tyessence Jones & Leelee)

Ty & Leelee Sample St (Skit) [feat. Tyessence Jones & Leelee]

Get it My Way (feat. Jeter Jones)

I Just Wanna Ride

Gotta Go

Anybody Needs Lovin'

What You Want Me to Do


Eat That Cake
Tasha Mac

Daddy B. Nice notes:

Raw but bold characterizes this debut by the little sister of Jeter Jones. Tasha Mac's popular single "Get It My Way" headlines the set. "I Just Wanna Ride" is another cut sure to please. "Slack" Jefferson produces in his by now instantly recognizable style. Daddy B. Nice sees similarities to the late Big Cynthia, her distinguished Louisiana predecessor, in Tasha Mac's style.

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Listen to all the tracks from Tasha Mac's YOU'RE NOT MY COMPETITION album on YouTube.

Listen to Tasha Mac's new YOU'RE NOT MY COMPETION album on Spotify.

--Daddy B. Nice

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