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"Jealous Wo-Man, Yes I Am"


February 10, 2018:

See Daddy B. Nice's review of LBG'S OUR LOVE SLIPPED AWAY album. NEW CD REVIEWS. Click here.

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December 2, 2017:


Sample/Buy LGB's new OUR LOVE SLIPPED AWAY CD at CD Baby.


1. Our Love Slipped Away (feat. Johnny Rawls)

2. You Driving Me Crazy

3. Tore up from the Floor Up

4. A Woman Needs

5. We Were Never Meant to Be (2010 Remix)

6. I'm Evil Tonight

7. She Ended Loving Him Today

8. I'm Pulling the Plug (feat. Tricia Barnwell)

9. Piano Musical Melodies

Daddy B. Nice notes: LGB is the female Luther Lackey, a musical genius way out in some constellation all her own. Her most well-produced album yet, OUR LOVE SLIPPED AWAY also features some of LGB's strongest vocals, many country-inflected and further lending to her idiosyncratic style.

On a more personal note, I was saddened to see LGB has eliminated the few YouTube videos of her music that existed on the popular music channel. Scroll down to "Tidbits" to see some of the videos taken down. I also featured a link to the YouTube video of the infectious "Jealous Wo-man, Yes I Am" at the top of her Guide (this page). It too is removed. To limit one's YouTube presence (and free distribution of music) is an artist's prerogative, but to have no YouTube presence whatsoever in this day and age is a huge impediment to a successful career. YouTube is today's universal "radio".

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For the latest updates on LGB, scroll down to the "Tidbits" section. To automatically link to LGB's charted singles, awards, CD's and other citations on the website, go to LGB in Daddy B. Nice's Comprehensive Index.

December 2, 2017:

Originally Posted In Daddy B.
Nice's Mailbag

LGB Looks Back "In Peace" on the Marvin Sease Grave Marker Episode

Hello Daddy B. Nice:

It's been a while since we've talked & I hope all is well with you. This morning I sent you my latest new single rendition, covering "Tore Up From The Floor Up" for your listening pleasure. Of course, if you didn't get it, please let me know and I will gladly resent it to you. As always, I thank you so very much for all you do for the music & the recording artists, too!!!

Of course, as I was going thru some old emails, I came across the Marvin Sease's grave marker episode, which turned out okay, in the end. Also just hearing from you brought about a sense of peace in my heart about the entire effort.

But, I do want you to know on Father's Day, June 18. 2017...I received a FaceBook text from Marvin Sease's youngest son, Matthew Sease. Below I have provided the actual comments that took place on that Sunday afternoon. I also called Matthew Sease to ensure the Sease family members got to Marvin Sease's grave.

The bottom line here is...I know in my heart that we did the right thing back in 2015 and in 2017 some of Marvin Sease family members acknowledged that they, too, love Marvin Sease grave marker!!!


June 18, 2017/3:55 PM/Matthew Sease wrote:
Hi I hope all is well. can you please give me a call. Some of my relatives went to visit my Daddy's grave and apparently are lost and went to the wrong place. Can you please help me out please if you could. thanks, matthew

June 18, 2017/4:24 PM/LGB wrote, but I also called Matthew Sease & helped guided his family members to the cemetery:
Hope Memorial Park Cemetery, Hwy 3, 1730 Yale Rd, Barnwell SC

June 18, 2017/5:39 PM/Matthew Sease wrote:

June 18, 2017/6:33PM/Matthew Sease wrote:
and Al (the wife) says thank you very much. she loves it.


Once Again, Daddy B. Nice....Thank You For All You Do...!!!


Linda Gray Barnwell

Daddy B. Nice notes:

Years ago, LGB discovered and was disturbed by the fact that the legendary southern soul singer, Marvin Sease--born in South Carolina near her hometown of Barnwell--was buried in an unmarked grave. She undertook a fund-raising effort and purchased the grave marker, but decided not to go ahead with the scheduled dedication due to the opposition of the Marvin Sease family at that time. That the years have soothed wounds all around is a surprising turn of events and the happiest of news for everyone who loved and respected Marvin.

See Daddy B. Nice's Artist Guide to Marvin Sease.

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March 1, 2014 (from Daddy B. Nice's CD Reviews):

Daddy B. Nice's Profile of LGB:

LGB is no musical prodigy. Endowed with limited range and scant power, she has nevertheless achieved the clarity of self and inner peace to embrace what she acknowledges as her "raspy soul voice."

Armed with nothing but her self-assurance and dogged determination, the product of Allendale, South Carolina has gradually fashioned a musical technique and a recording personality custom-tailored to her unique strength: an intrepid, Alice-in-Wonderland-like freshness. In LGB's world anything seems possible musically, and even probable.

Thus you have LGB's 2010 debut, the rather cryptic and pseudo-intellectual"Reality Slowly Walks Us Down". What to make of it other than enjoy the subtle blend of melody and harmonies?

And although "Reality's" smoke-and-mirrors didn't seem likely to be repeated, LGB followed it up in 2011 with the even farther-out-of-left-field "Jealous Wo-Man, Yes I Am," which soon became her signature single.

This wasn't your traditional Southern Soul (what is these days?), unless you're fortunate enough to remember the path-less-taken southern soul of Frank Mendenhall and some of that legendary singer's exotic, off-the-wall mini-masterpieces.

Three years after its initial release, "Jealous Wo-Man" at last finds a home in LGB's second full-length CD I Am Who I Am.

The collection boasts two new songs that have already charted on Daddy B. Nice's Top Ten "Breaking" Southern Soul Singles Chart (for January & February 2014), "You Don't Miss Your Water" (a tribute to William Bell) co-sung with Bishopville, South Carolina's Drink Small (and done twice), and "Country Woman," the most fully-accomplished new song and likely new single, performed in both southern soul and zydeco versions.

"Jody's Baby Girl" builds off an old Sam & Dave guitar riff ("I'm A Soul Man") but in typical LGB fashion avoids the crescendos and climaxes of the classic for a more subtle groove.

The two other most affecting--if peculiar--selections are the old standard "The Yellow Rose Of Texas" and an intriguing grafting of gospel and back-country folk called "Like A Tree In Water" ("I Will Not Be Removed").

--Daddy B. Nice

About LGB

LGB lives in Warner Robins, Georgia, but she was born and raised in Allendale, SC.

In 2005, Roy C. began producing LGB's daughter, Tricia Barnwell. LGB's first professional break came in November 2007, when she co-wrote two songs and performed "I'm Pulling the Plug" with daughter Tricia on her first CD, Country All Over Me.

Meanwhile, David Brinston used LGB as a back-up singer, citing her "raspy soul voice," and when Tricia Barnwell decided on a different career path, giving up music, LGB had songs she'd written for Tricia that were unused.

So in 2010, LGB teamed up with Mark Boston (aka "Rockette Morton," who once played bass guitar with "Captain Beefheart), guitarist Gene Avey and Les "Bo" Kitchings--all members of the Southern Meltdown Band from Aiken, South Carolina--and Frank Sandy, North Augusta, South Carolina on saxophone, harmonica and trumpet, to record her debut solo CD, Reality Slowly Walks Us Down. .

Tricia Barnwell sang background on the album, as did Margaret Daniel, Janice Porter and Ruby Moncrieft.

Avey sang two duets with LGB, the the title track "Reality Slowly Walks Us Down" and "Again, I've Fallen In Love With You."

The late Johnny "Doc" Wood also contributed.

From Daddy B. Nice's Top Ten "Breaking" Southern Soul Singles Review, May 2010.

5. "Reality Slowly Walks Us Down" -------------LGB

One of those special debuts that makes you wonder, "Why wasn't this niche ever filled before?" LGB is a huskier-voiced Barbara Lewis sound-alike. The odd title masks an incredible song done in the Lewis style that must be heard to be believed. At times LGB outdoes her influence.

Bargain-Priced Reality Slowly Walks Us Down CD, MP3's

A year later (2011), with fellow Carolinian Jonathan Burton ("Too Much Booty Shaking") playing bass, LGB followed it up with a one-of-a-kind song that seized the number-one spot on Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 "Breaking" Southern Soul Singles.

The song was "Jealous Wo-Man, Yes I Am," which would go on to become LGB's signature song and chart as the #12-ranked song of 2011 on Daddy B. Nice's Top 25 Songs:

Listen to LGB singing "Jealous Wo-Man, Yes I Am" on YouTube.

From Daddy B. Nice's Top 25 Southern Soul Songs of 2011:

12. "Jealous Wo-man, Yes I Am"-------------LGB

The "Reality Slowly Walks Us Down" lady tackles something a little less philosophical, something we all can understand--a jealous wo-man--served up with a one-of-a-kind vocal, an off-the-wall-retro arrangement and stupendously old-school background singing.

Additionally, "Jealous Wo-Man" won the Best Outa-Left-Field Song Award on Daddy B. Nice's Best Of 2011.

In 2014, LGB released her second full-length CD, I Am Who I Am.


1. (Updated 1/27/18)

March 1, 2014: LGB on YouTube

Listen to LGB's Top Tracks on YouTube.

Listen to LGB singing "Reality Slowly Walks Us Down" on YouTube.

Listen to LGB singing "Jealous Wo-Man, Yes I Am" on YouTube.

Listen to a Live Interview with LGB on YouTube.

Listen to LGB singing "Our Love Slipped Away" on YouTube.

(Added 12 29 17:)

Listen to LGB'S top tracks on YouTube.


March 1, 2014:

Read LGB's Biography at CD Universe.


March 1, 2014: NEW ALBUM ALERT!

Sample/Buy LGB’s I Am Who I Am CD.

See Daddy B. Nice's 4-star "Distinguished Effort" CD Review.

Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 "BREAKING" Southern Soul Singles Review For. . .

------------JANUARY 2014--------------

4. "Don't Miss Your Water"---LGB

No one does old-timey harmonies better than LGB ("Jealous Wo-Man, Yes I Am"). From LGB's new CD, I AM WHO I AM.

Listen to LGB feat. Drink Small sing “Don’t Miss Your Water” on YouTube.

Sample/Buy LGB's "Don't Miss Your Water."


Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 "BREAKING" Southern Soul Singles Review For. . .

----------FEBRUARY 2014------------

2. "Country Woman"------LGB

"Country Woman" is the centerpiece of LGB's new album, I Am Who I Am, not counting, of course, the popular and already-well-known "Jealous Wo-Man, Yes I Am." I like both the regular and Zydeco remixes--off-putting at first, they soon reward with originality.

Sample/Buy both "Country Woman" singles at CD Baby.

See Daddy B. Nice’s Top 10 "BREAKING" Southern Soul Singles on Daddy B. Nice’s Corner.



Hello....Daddy B Nice....Wow....THANK YOU...THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.....!!!!

Last night I read your comments… and yes, all that you wrote is so correct…”YouTube” and social media are most definitely a way of life for a recording artist and is very much essential for survivor. Thank You for the “reality check” and I am working to get the situation under better control as quickly as possible. The elimination of the YouTube videos of my music that existed on the popular music channel took place that you posted were removed/taken down kind of beyond my control by the person who originally posted it on YouTube, which was not me. Of course, that is no excuse because it is still solely my responsibility to ensure my fans and my extraordinary supporters can have accessibility and know where by music is located at all time. I have 17 YouTube videos available on YouTube that can be seen, but I am working to do a better job at making sure they are all located in a certain location and make it known to all that website address. As always, I once again, humbly “Thank You” so very much for sharing light on how important it is to stay in the (fast lane of today’s life)…and thank you so very much for calling this to my attention; we will make it our top priority to always be on and stay on top.

In your personal note…which you are totally right on the “spot” and that is why you are our awesome “DADDY B NICE”…because you always tell it like it suppose to be told.

Below are the 2 of the 17 YouTube videos that are available on YouTube, but I apologize and please forgive me for not keeping you in the loop when I added those sites:

Listen to LGB singing "Reality Slowly Walks Us Down" on YouTube.

Listen to LGB singing "Jealous Wo-Man, Yes I Am" on YouTube.

Also, all of my 17 videos are located on this website:

Listen to LGB'S top tracks on YouTube.

Of course, I don’t have my new CD “Our Love Slipped Away” on YouTube yet, but will assure you…I am working as I speak to get that done as quickly as possible.

Daddy B. Nice…please always know that there are the great ones such as “YOURSELF- Daddy B Nice” and some other great ones who comes a long and throws out a “life jacket”, which I will always be so grateful because with you guys…there would be no LGB!!! I personally ….Thank….God all through the day for the beacon lights that he has allowed & allows to guide me and the others recording artists to share!!! Thank You “DADDY B NICE”…for all you do for others, the music and the recording artists, too!!!

Very Respectfully….


See Daddy B. Nice's Artist Guide to LGB.

December 28, 2017:

LGB has updated her YouTube song links, as per Daddy B. Nice's suggestion below. See her letter in Daddy B. Nice's Mailbag.

LGB's YouTube selections are collected at:

Listen to LGB'S top tracks on YouTube.

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Honorary "B" Side

"Reality Slowly Walks Us Down"

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Jealous Wo-Man, Yes I Am

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Reality Slowly Walks Us Down

CD: Reality Slowly Walks Us Down
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Reality Slowly Walks Us Down

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Country Woman

CD: I Am Who I Am
Label: Rock N' Stereo

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I Am Who I Am

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Don't Miss Your Water

CD: I Am Who I Am
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